Daniele Brancaleoni
Prime Note
Il Dettaglio
Referenza Piero Bellugi
Referenza Fournillier
Referenza Guttler
Referenza Morandi
Referenza Sheitilian
Il mio primo concerto 1984

Referenza Guttler


Mr Daniele Brancaleoni has participated as a concertmaster in several concerts and opera productions under my conduct.

His qualities of leadership within his group, his careful preparation of the voices and not least his enthusiasm for music deserve particular mention.

The collaboration with him was always stimulating and productive.

I think he is capable of performing similar tasks in a satisfying manner in a German orchestra as well, and I hereby recommend that he be given the chance to audition.  

Michael Güttler 

Treviso, 28th April 1995 
Referenza Guttler

A partire dall'Anno Accademico 2019/2020 Daniele Brancaleoni si č trasferito a Rimini e lavorerā presso il Conservatorio G.Rossini di Pesaro

Performance a Fiesole: Concerto per violino solo e voce recitante




Pagnacco, 2015



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